Uni The Corn

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He was born from a corn seed but you can´t find him in the Cornflakes. He has a family there but they are not in contact. If you remember the horor Children of the Corn you need not be frightened. Our friend has nothing to do with ghosts and spooks. It is obvious from the first sight that he belongs to flowery hippies. He is well proud of his stars and his colorful mane flutters with his every step. In the evenings he loves to listen to his favourite vinyl with Taking Woodstock album and he lets himself go with the rhythm on the rainbow wings.

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Enamel pin

  • It is a metallic enamel embellishment.
  • The shape of the pin is determined by a mold which is made according to our design.
  • After casting, each detail of the pin is cut and hand-dyed.
  • The final piece is being glazed in order to get high endurance and final shine. 

Packaging contains

  • Pin in nice product card in yellow color.
  • Standard Butterfly pin back is the part of each pin.
  • For each pin, you'll get extra rubber pin back in black color. It is more comfortable in contact with bare skin.
  • The pin on the card comes in a cellophane bag

* For a perfect locking of a pin, you can also purchase a "locking" cap that is in golden and silver color. More information about the locking caps can be found here

Uni and his friends

# Limited edition

# Free shipping in the Czech Republic

# Original design

Pichnito and bring joy ♥