Cattie Virgo Silver

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Inside of Cattie Virgo a pomegranate flower is hidden. The flower resembles a story of love between a mother and her daughter. Even you can express the same feelings for your loved ones as the Greek Goddess or just rejoice yourself because when you are happy everyone around you is happy too. (The whole world)

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Enamel pin

  • It is a metallic enamel embellishment.
  • The shape of the pin is determined by a mold which is made according to our design.
  • After casting, each detail of the pin is cut and hand-dyed.
  • The final piece is being glazed in order to get high endurance and final shine. 

Packaging contains

  • Pin in nice product card in yellow color.
  • Standard Butterfly pin back is the part of each pin.
  • For each pin, you'll get extra rubber pin back in black color. It is more comfortable in contact with bare skin.
  • The pin on the card comes in a cellophane bag

* For a perfect locking of a pin, you can also purchase a "locking" cap that is in golden and silver color. More information about the locking caps can be found here. 

The whole story of Cettie

Persephone was a beautiful daughter of Zeus, the ruler of the world and Demeter was the goddess of fertility. Persephone charmed Hades, the god of the underworld who instantly fell in love with her. He decided to kidnap Persephone to his Underworld. But the goddess refused Hades and as a protest, she refused to eat and talk to him. When Demeter found out that her daughter is kept, in her anger she refused to take care of crops and plants and brought huge famine to humankind. 

Zeus couldn't have done it like that. Saving the humans he agreed that Persephone can leave Hades but she can't take any food from him to eat. Right after Demeter heard about Zeus consent she sent a bearer to her daughter. But before he could reach her, Persephone was tricked by a traitor and ate 6 grains of an offered pomegranate. Zeus couldn't let Hades imprison Persephone forever and get the humanity into demise. So he decided that his daughter will spend six months with Hades as per 6 eaten grains of pomegranate and six months with her mother Demeter. Humankind was saved and Demeter was reunited with her beloved daughter.

Cattie and her friends

# Pins come to life with our stories 

# Limited edition

# Brings joy to you and your loved ones

Pichnito and bring joy ♥