Everyone has already had branded pens, so make your company fresh again with pins.

Your brand is your pride and so you should praise with it. Maybe you have already had company t-shirts, bags or keychains. But let your imagination run free and dress your brand into the new coat. By its shape and size is pin destined to represent logo, monogram or company tagline. It can be pinned anywhere so it is suitable to wear on the lapel as well as on working union suit. Doesn't matter if you decide to gift clients, business partners or employees, your success is guaranteed.

There are many possibilities how to combine your brand with pins.

  • Each employee can be the proud owner of the company logo in the form of a pin.
  • Instead of boring entrance ticket use pin to brighten up a Teambuilding or Christmas party.
  • Even the strict dress code can be trimmed with a pin on somebody´s dress, collar or a lapel.
  • It will serve as a stylish and novel gift for partners or clients.
  • A pin packed with an order will bring the joy to your loyal customers.
  • Promoting interest and professional groups at meetings and conferences.
  • Give away pins in social networking campaigns, a nice reward will delight everyone.

Do you already know how to please your colleagues and clients during Christmas?

We will help you get your idea up and we will create a customised price calculation for you.