Just think about the possible places where they can be pinned...

There are unlimited options of playing with pins on all the pieces that you find in the wardrobe ...

I LOVE jeans

Trousers, tights, and pants are ruling today`s fashion world. Gone are those times when the trousers were the only privilege of men. Today they have a special place in everybody's wardrobe. And because we can't imagine the life without them, let's refresh them together and bring them a new look. 

Pichnito and bring joy ♥

Lapel pin

There are various kinds of lapel pins. They have a lot of forms, designs, and colors. Even though we today let our imagination run riot and pin from the pure joy the pins to the various parts of the clothes, they originally came into being as a decoration of jacket lapels.

"Nice and fast approach, very willing to help."

(Satisfied customer, Prague)

"I was very surprised how small pins are but the kids love them."

(Satisfied customer, 


"Girls at work complimented me on my sweater :) I will be looking forward to more pins."

(Sebastián, Prague)

"I am satisfied, I have ordered for the first time and I can't complain."

(Marie, Hradec Králové)

Your company also deserves to shine

It might seem that pins are the privilege of private closets. But it is not the case. Your company can also enjoy the same embellishment. Pins are perfect trim for your firm, no matter what business you run. You can be very creative in the way of using them. Do you need Christmas gifts for your clients or employees? Even company promotional materials might have some flair. There might be an event with all your important clients and partners coming up. Show your company`s originality and style.