How did it all start

Did it ever happen to you that something interested you at first sight and you had to think about it all the time? That's how it all started for us. First pins we got to our hands enchanted us instantly. We were also surprised how popular they are in abroad, how powerful the community around them is and also how fashionable the pins are among young people.  

We have a piece of creative spirit inside us so we thought: "why not to have our own ones?" This was the first moment when we started to be interested in pins. We searched how to make them by ourselves and how to interpret through them what is close to us. For most of us, dear and close things have their own story. It inspired us to breathe life into our pins by giving them each their individual story. 

With the help of close friends, it didn't take long before the first series came into the light. Now we already have had the second series of Cattie pins with stories. Each design of pins is in a limited amount so if it happens that you miss any of your favorites don't worry. For sure there will be pins you will like in the future series. 

Maybe you wonder why the name is Pichnito? Neither we do not know, the name has found its way to us. We believe you'll fall into it like we did. We can promise you products, that will bring you joy. Magdalena and Martin

Make your own style, pichnito.

There might be times when you need advice or additional information during your adventure on Pichnito web and Social Networks. Or you might just want to talk to us. During your adventurous searching on Pichnito site and Social Networks, you may need advice, additional information, or you will just wish to talk to us. In any case, we are here to help you. We are looking forward to your emails, posts and Facebook messages, pictures on Instagram or phone calls.

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# Contact information

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Your company also deserves to shine


It might seem that pins are the privilege of private closets. But it is not the case. Your company can also enjoy the same embellishment. Pins are perfect trim for your firm, no matter what business you run. You can be very creative in the way of using them. Do you need Christmas gifts for your clients or employees? Even company promotional materials might have some flair. There might be an event with all your important clients and partners coming up. Show your company`s originality and style.